Government Affairs


Intelligent Government Administration

Building an open, shared, agile, efficient, secure and credible government cloud infrastructure.

Government Administration Problems

Approval Process

The administrative approval process monitoring is having big blind areas, the progress status can not be accurately managed in the whole process, and it is difficult to implement the performance appraisal mechanism.

Database Capability

There is not enough support for the original system developers of the database system for administrative units , so it is impossible to carry out data management and build big data systems.

Synergetic Office

The administrative business units are independent and is difficult to cooperate with the offices for parallel examination and approval.

System data

Administrative office systems at all levels are different, data storage and messy information need to be reiterated.


"One ID" Application

One ID card number, create once use multiple,
One library management, mutual recognition and sharing
"ALI Change the "running leg of the masses" as "information running"

"One Window" Acceptance

Window acceptance, one platform sharing, one-stop service, backstage parallel classification examination and approval, comprehensive front desk reception, unified window out. Change "the people back and forth" as "department co operation"

"One Network" Office

Multi channel, no difference, whole business, whole process, the unified identity authentication system based on the realization of Convenient Network Service Office. Changing "passive service" to "active service"


Employment of Pipeline Interface Data Sharing Method to aggregate Massive Government Service Data;Real-time Interconnection and Interoperability to achieve Barrier-free and Efficient Interoperability for Government Administration.Serve the informationization construction of the government.


Instead of "running business" by "data transfer", promoting "multiple syndrome".


To "cut card" to drive "streamline administration", acheiving "Multiple syndrome, One picture One ID" to reduce the institutional cost of entrepreneurial access.


Instead of "running the business" by "the flow of data", let the business subject to enjoy reform bonus.


The data will be seamlessly butted with the government's online business hall and the vertical business systems of various units, acheiving "One Id One Window One Network" as new mode of government administration.


"One ID One Window One Network" reform will highlight the overall construction of e-Government,"One ID One Window One Network" is integrated business acceptance platform with online working lobby. Self-service terminals and mobile terminals are integrated into business, technology, data, and mechanisms; building a new mode of "O2O" government service.

The characteristic of Daas products


Interface Encryption

Interface can be encrypted without changing the security system and unlocking the database.


Monitoring Data Quality

Support the life cycle of the data interface, Quality of service, Supervision and audit of user behavior


Stting up Data Specification

Shield the difference of data specification among systems and establish unified data standard and specification.


Adaptation of data requirements

Provide a view of data, development, personalized configuration functions as caching, storage, and so on


Breaking data barriers

Extracting data interface API for A/S, B/S and C/S systems; and then providing data services