Intelligent Park


Intelligent Park

Efficient resources and information management,fast and efficient electronic input information management.

Demand of building the Intelligent Park

Market perspective

Software outsourcing

The company is specialized in providing off shore and onsite outsourcing services to the customers. The compnay helps to maximize the value of customer's enterprise by providing software services.

Policy Perspective

Software test

The company is first professional institution in Henan province, engaged in software testing. The company has accreditation of National Software Testing Laboratory for fair, impartial and independent third party software evaluation.

Operating Perspective

Custom software

The company provides full stack of services for customers from consulting, requirement analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, training, maintenance to support.

Traditional Park Problems


Difficult to attract investment and low occupancy


Homogenization and weak competition


High operational cost and low level intelligence

Intelligent Park Solutions

With the advent of "Web 2.0" innovation, it has become the trend to enhance the competitiveness of the park with intelligence.

Upgrading products and services

The smart park will also be able to make rapid innovations in products and services, and continue to provide products and services that meet the requirements of the users.

User Participation

The smart park can increase the user's sense of participation and improve the precision and precision of the service.

Innovative & Entrepreneurial Platform

The smart park can integrate more government departments, industries, business, finance and other resources to enhance services, and provide high-quality government services, industrial services, life services to deal with fierce market competition.

Operation Mode

The building of the intelligent park, will also promote the financing of the park, marketing, reconfiguration of management and operation mode.

Pin Point

The smart park will be able to make a more accurate position in the industry. To do, rather than by.

Service Mode

The O2O service model brought by the smart park will become an important means of upgrading the service level and quality of the industrial park.