Software Testing


Software Testing

National Software Testing Laboratory for fair, impartial and third party software evaluation with professional software testing team. Having rich experience in testing multiple industries software to protect the quality of software.

Service Introduction

Henan 863 Software Testing Center (hereinafter referred to as the center) was established in 2001 as government authorized quality testing organization for computer software products. At the same time, it is also the first specialized institution for third party software testing in Henan province. In 2007, center got the accreditation of National Software Testing Laboratory for fair, impartial and independent third party software evaluation. The test report issued by the center is not only legally effective and authoritative in China, but also can be recognized in more than 70 countries and regions in the world with CNAS.
The center is the executive director of the China software assessment alliance, and is the central branch of the China Software Evaluation Center in Henan. The center is the third party assessment agency with independent legal person qualification, has established a set of scientific and perfect quality management system after more than ten years' development.
At present, the center has more than 80 senior and middle level professional software testing engineers, with the domestic first-class software testing technology and evaluation environment. The center is equipped with advanced software function testing tools, performance testing tools, fault diagnosis and analysis tools, software test management tools, network protocol analyzer and other test equipment; special laboratories such as software testing, software test and network testing, has been established.
Since its establishment, the center has undertaken thousands of information system evaluation projects to protect the quality of the project and guarantee the investment benefits of the project. After years of development, the center has made great progress in technology team, service specification, case experience and business scale, and has become the backbone of the evaluation industry.
The central business covers electronic government, tobacco, electricity, medical, transportation, manufacturing, water conservancy, logistics, finance, Internet electronic commerce and other industries. At present, the customers are: Microsoft, IBM, Alibaba, Neusoft international, SAIC Group, Hengsheng electronics, Bank of China, China Mobile, China Unicom, Wen Si Hai Hui, Japan NEC, Zhengzhou Yutong, Zhengzhou bank, Zhongyuan bank, Henan mobile, Henan electric power, Henan tobacco, universities and research institutes, etc.
The center is responsible for the testing of the final works of the Henan Youth Innovation Software Design Competition.

Testing Domain

Common ERP
Environmental Protection
Electric Power
Mobile APP

Service Scope

  • Software Product Registration Test
  • Scientific and Technological Achievements and Appraisal
  • Testing system, consulting and training

The center is the central branch of China Software Evaluation Center in Henan. The co operation is two sided in the software product registration test. The test report is issued and sealed by the China Software Evaluation Center.
Software product registration test refers to the functional inspection and verification of the designated software products according to the testing function points provided by the client, so that these functions can be realized and run normally.
The report issued after the test is a necessary material for the application of the software enterprise identification and the VAT tax rebate policy.

Service Details

  • Industry Testing and its Solutions
  • Software Product Registration Test (Certified, Tax rebates)
  • Acceptance of scientific research projects, and third party acceptance test (such as the acceptance of major projects, the declaration of scientific and technological progress awards, etc.)
  • Identification, registration and testing of scientific and technological achievements (identification, evaluation, registration and use of scientific and technological achievements)
  • Information Security Test
  • Mobile APP Special Test
  • Test Consultation and Training Service

Authorize Test Process

Characteristics and advantages of third party testing

Management cost reduction

Project cost control

Project supervision

Objective professional test results

Professional test team and test service

Fair and impartial, independent and objective

Test Cases

Online Pharmaceutical Drug Trading System

Project Overview

The system is mainly convenient for the hospital chain Limited company to use the online marketing platform for drug and health care products. The system realizes the functions of CMS, commodity management, transaction management and member information management system management.

Test Specification

User documentation, functional testing, reliability testing, usability testing, safety testing and efficiency testing.

Mobile APP Special Test

Project Overview

By setting up the information of the tires in the background, the user's rights and personal information are maintained. The terminal of the mobile phone can grasp the information of the tires, the information of the store and so on, and can display the information in the store and so on in the map.

Test Specification

Install/Uninstall/Upgrade testing, UI testing, interrupt testing, function testing, compatibility, performance and safety testing.

Online Personal Banking Service

Project Overview

In order to facilitate users to collect their business, first we will increase the consortium business on the basis of Inter-bank collection, and provide users with more diversified and convenient payment channels.

Test Specification

Document validation, functional testing, performance testing.

State Grid Electric Power System Testing

Project Overview

Can query information according to the construction unit, project number, project name, project category, project review year, plan review year, project type, planning library, voltage grade and other corresponding information.

Test Specification

Functional testing, usability testing, reliability testing, compatibility testing and performance testing.

Geological Environment Information System

Project Overview

Relying on the national geological environment information standardization system, data system, service system; the information system suitable for the management of geological environment in our province is established, and the information and interest resources are integrated through the integration of the geological environment.

Test Specification

Document validation, functional testing, performance testing.