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Custom Software Development

Based on the years of experience in software project development and management, we have developed a series of specialized software products, and constantly improve product adaptability and market value, thus provide more personalized services for different customer needs.

Service Introduction

Henan 863 software Co. Limited can customize all kinds of application software for customers according to the customer's personalized needs.After years of accumulation, the 863 software has a software development team with a reasonable and experienced division of work. Team members include project managers, system architects, software engineers, test engineers, configuration engineers, professional artists, technical support engineers, and so on. Team members have rich experience in project practice and have participated in the development of large JAVA,.NET, and C++ projects.
The software development team on the basis of CMMI standard, has formed a set of effective and unique software project management methods after years of practice.The implementation ability of the project has reached to the maturity CMMI5 standard, and the transparency management of the development process can be realized, while the customer can monitor the whole development process. In aspect of quality control, the quality of the software is controlled through three kinds of activities including technical review, process inspection and software testing. In terms of information security, hardware information security maintenance, information encryption and backup control, information disaster recovery system are applied to ensure customer information security, and special closed development environment can be set up according to customer needs.
863 software can provide full service for customers from consulting, requirement analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, training, maintenance to tracking support. Customers are comfortable with the quality of our products, business secrets and after-sales service.

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Our Advantages

Our technical service team has a rich experience in the successful implementation of large projects. We have high professional standards for the solutions we provide for you.

In the industry, we have mature solutions or third party solutions integrating and implementing service capabilities.

We are well known in the industry, having years of industry experience and application prototyping. We can provide you customized solution service that is most suitable for you.

From the interests of customers, we will do well in products and provide users with simple operation, powerful functions and rich content of software products. Customers will use our products to be assured of quality, business secrets and ease of service.

We have experienced engineers team to provide customers with one-stop services such as consulting, demand analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, training, maintenance and tracking support.

The rigorous project management system and the whole process of quality control is followed with ISO9001 standard, The standardization of the technical service work and the scientific project management provide a powerful guarantee for the successful implementation of the solution.