Intelligent Exhibition


BI Exhibition

BI Exhibition - Intelligence Powered Exhibition

The concept of BI Exhibition

BI exhibition, namely Business Intelligence. BI exhibition is an intelligent exhibition information service system that provides pre-exhibition extension, audience registration, business opportunity connection, intelligent matching and business communication for offline exhibitions. BI exhibition system consists of BI exhibition background, BI exhibitor applet and BI audience applet, which are divided into three role ports to provide one-stop information service for the exhibition industry.


Traditional Convention and Exhibition Problems


Limited time and space


The way of display is relatively unitary


Extensive resources and information management

BI Exhibition Solutions

Time and space

The exhibition time extends before and after. The exhibition will exhibit the intelligent business profile, products, booth design and other related information in advance with APP. Exhibitors can meet the demand ahead of time. After the exhibition is over, exhibitors can continue to get relevant industry information through APP, so as to achieve the continuous effect after the exhibition.

Display Mode

During the exhibition the booth row is combined with the other. The exhibition space is limited and having limited booths as it's hard to showcase products, Some companies can not move, can choose online exhibit, and cannot come to the exhibition, the exhibitors can join remotely, so as to expand the space dimension of the exhibition.

Resource and Information Management

Efficient resources and information management. The electronic check-in system is used to electronically input exhibitors' information and needs, and information management is fast and efficient. During the exhibition process, many links can be electronically scanned to get the comprehensive information of the intended customers quickly.

Product Function and Value


Product function

Advance understanding of the exhibition business, advance understanding of supply products, hotel reservation, intelligent attendance, quickly find the counterpart suppliers, site order and remote exhibitors, after continuous attention etc.

Product value

The timely control of the conference and exhibition information; the efficient and quick way to participate in the meeting; the rapid focus of supply and demand; the interaction of the participants at anytime and anywhere.


Product function

Online booking booth, exhibition business information, electronic sign in face recognition, exhibitors' demand statistics and classification, exhibition hall graphic guide, VR real display, advertising revenue, meeting activity, exhibit statistical data, after B2B, B2C platform, improving the exhibition value-added benefits etc.

Product value

Improve the utilization rate of information resources of the exhibition; Improve the transaction rate of the exhibition; Expand the influence of the exhibition; Increase the value-added income of the exhibition and so on. Improve the special operation of the exhibition.


Product function

The selection of vendors, hotel reservation, real VR display, exhibitors' source information, live broadcast of the venue, quick access to iinternational customer information, gift distribution, on-site order management, etc.

Product value

Integrated resources docking; offline and online publicity; effective customer information entry; expanding the continuous influence of the exhibition and so on.