Henan 863 Software Co., Ltd.


High Quality Software and Services

Provide professional software outsourcing, custom software development, third party software testing, mobile development and other services

Software Outsourcing

The company is specialized in providing off shore and onsite outsourcing services to the customers. The compnay helps to maximize the value of customer's enterprise by providing software services.

Software Testing

The company is first professional institution in Henan province, engaged in software testing. The company has accreditation of National Software Testing Laboratory for fair, impartial and independent third party software evaluation.

Custom Software

The company provides full stack of services for customers from consulting, requirement analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, training, maintenance to support.

Software Training

863 software has trained and delivered more Tens of thousands software talents to IT industry. Among those 90% of the students were succeeded to get their first job as software engineer.

Leading Products and Solutions

Providing more personalized services for different customer needs in order to ensure the product's leading position in technology and user experience; and creating core values for customers.

Big Data
Smart City
Exhibition Service

Intelligent Government Solution

We tailor the safety compliance government exclusive cloud resource service platform, continue to innovate in information and communication technology, and build an open, sharing, agile, efficient, safe and credible government cloud infrastructure, which has comprehensive government cloud service capabilities.

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Convention and Exhibition Industry Solution

Smart exhibition is a specialized operation platform for the exhibition industry. The exhibition management System includes meetings, exhibition, customer data management, electronic registration, online display and post B2B2C transaction.

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Intelligent Park Solution

In order to build livable and innovative communities, we aim to build an efficient, collaborative, operation management platform and improve the convenient public service platform by building or transforming the IT infrastructure of the park. Thus greatly improving the efficiency of the park managers.

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Education Industry Solution

Building a cloud computing based big data platform for the education industry to comprehensively enhance the level of campus information. Can achieve on-demand deployment of a variety of education system, and implementing the system of disaster recovery and resources expansion.

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