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"The company's strategy seminar 2018" was successfully held

2018-02-09 10:21:00Strategic SymposiumViews: 1352 分享

Strategizing Together

Henan 863 softwareCo,. Ltd Symposium briefing


In the afternoon of January 6, 2018, the Henan 863 software Co,. Ltd "2018 company strategy seminar" was held in the Fengleyuan Hotel's dome hall.



The meeting is attended by the leaders of the company and the representatives of the relevant departments and staff.

The meeting was chaired by the Zheng Liyu manager of the human resources department


Chairman Zhai spoke at the seminar


Ren Wu Jie general manager promoted the company's organizational structure


Huo Xuanwei, the technical director, spoke at the meeting

During the meeting, the leaders of the company, the heads of the departments and the staff representatives, combined with the actual situation of the work, discussed the company's strategic development plan, the main business direction, the organizational structure, the enterprise culture, the future development goals and so on. A brief development direction and future development goals.

Through this seminar, we will be full of expectation and confidence for the future development of our company. In the future, Henan 863 software Co.Ltd will continue to create core values for customers.